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For the ionic system or range of systems, please indicate
Atomic number (NZ): -
Electron number (NE): -
If for each system you are interested in transitions (i-j) involving a particular spectroscopic series or range of series, please indicate for the initial state (i)
Spin multiplicity (2Si+1): -
Angular momentum (Li): -
Parity (Pi, even=0, odd=1): -
For the transition(s) please give a value or range for
Angular momentum change (Lj-Li) -
If you want to be more specific, specify a range of
Initial levels:-
Final levels:-
or alternatively
Wavelength (A): -
Do you want transitions ordered in:
Level order?
Wavelength order?
gf order?
Each transiton is uniquely idenfied by its
  • Atomic number (NZ)
  • Electron number (NE)
  • iSLP = (2Si+1)*100+Li*10+Pi
  • jSLP = (2Sj+1)*100+Lj*10+Pj
  • Initial level index (iLV)
  • Final level index (jLV).
Data to be listed may include
Electron configuration (i)
Electron configuration (j)
Wavelength (A)
Statistical weight (i)
Statistical weight (j)