TOPbase: Energy levels

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For the ionic system or range of systems, please indicate
Atomic number (NZ): -
Electron number (NE): -
If for each system you are interested in a particular
spectroscopic series or range of series, please indicate
Spin multiplicity (2S+1): -
Angular momentum (L): -
Parity (P, even=0, odd=1): -
If you want to be more specific, specify a range of
or alternatively
Energy (Ryd): -
Do you want levels ordered in:
Level order in each series?
General energy order?
Each level is uniquely idenfied by its
  • Atomic number (NZ)
  • Electron number (NE)
  • SLPI = (2S+1)*100+L*10+P
  • Level index.
For each level, data to be listed may include
Electron configuration
Energy (Ryd) wrt ionization
Energy (Ryd) wrt ground state
Statistical weight
Quantum defect
Effective quantum number
Radiative lifetime (s-1)