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Running Tasks

This section contains the minimum information required to use the GILDAS image processing tasks.

To run tasks, use the commands RUN and SUBMIT from the VECTOR$\backslash$ language. Both commands are very similar. The RUN command will execute the task as a detached process, and the SUBMIT command in a batch queue named GILDAS_BATCH.

The VECTOR$\backslash$ language contains the following commands :

  FITS            : A simple FITS -- Gildas conversion tool
  EXPLAIN [Task]  : Types help about GILDAS tasks
  RUN Program     : Activates a GILDAS task in a detached process
  SPY [Task]      : Look at the status of one or all GILDAS tasks.
  SUBMIT Program  : Submit a GILDAS task to GILDAS_BATCH queue
  TRANSPOSE       : A command to transpose a Gildas data file.


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