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Query Mode

When no window-mode is available, the user is prompted for the parameters. In this example, the dialog will be

     An integer value
     INTEGER     I$           1 <CR>
     A value between 0 and 1
     REAL        A$           0.1 <CR>
     Any character string
     4 Real values 
     REAL        ARRAY$[4]    1 2 3 4 <CR>
     A valid name
     FILE        FILE$        TESTFILE.DAT <CR>
     Any values 
     VALUES      OLD$         acos(-1) 1.234 <CR>
The prompting method is always the same: an explanatory first line indicating the meaning of the parameter, and a second line in the following format:
     TYPE NAME[Dimensions]

Query mode is also used for missing parameters in Window-mode.

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