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Window Mode

The window mode is the default mode on X-Window systems with Motif interface. Let us assume in the following example we want to execute a task named example. To activate example, the user will type

     VECTOR> RUN example
     VECTOR> SUBMIT example
A separate input window is created:
The user can then modify any of the parameters by clicking in the dialog areas. Help can be obtained by clicking on the HELP button, or on any parameter description.

Since SIC is used, parameter values can be variables or arithmetic expressions (e.g. 2*PI+EXP(X[3]) is a perfectly valid value for a real, provided the array X[n] with n>3 has been previously defined).

Once all parameters are defined, the task can be launched by clicking the OK button, or aborted using the ABORT button. Parameter values are checked, and if all parameters are valid, the task is executed (or submitted). If one parameter is invalid, the RUN or SUBMIT command sends back a message :
E-RUN, Missing GO command
and returns an error.

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