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        [MRTCAL\]MFIND /DATE [List1] [List 2] ... [ListN]

    The file is selected if its scan date, as found in the file name, match-
    es  one of the the given lists. The dates in the lists should be strings
    in one of the following formats:
        - DD-MMM-YYYY (MMM as letters),
        - YYYYMMDD (all numbers),
        - Keyword "TODAY" or "YESTERDAY".

    A list has the form "Date1 [TO Date2]". Typical uses are:
      /DATE Date: select this unique date,
      /DATE Date1 Date2 Date3: select those 3 scalar dates,
      /DATE Date1 TO Date2: select this range of dates,
      /DATE Date1 Date2 Date3 TO Date4: select these dates (Date1,
        Date2) or range of dates (Date3 to Date4).

    Note that if the scan was started just before  midnight,  there  can  be
    subscans  on  the  next  day,  i.e. calibrated data may have a different

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