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    dexFile] [/RECURSIVE] [/PATTERN String] [/DATE DateString]

    This commands creates, updates, or opens a file index (database) of IMB-
    FITS files, for later use by the commands MFIND and/or CALIBRATE.
      - BUILD creates or rebuilds the index file from scratch, overwriting
          the previous one if any,
      - UPDATE creates or updates the index file if it already exists,
      - OPEN opens the index file.
      - APPEND appends in memory another index file.
      - WATCH waits for new files to appear in the IMB-FITS directory,
          and index them (INDEX UDPATE) as soon as one new is found.
    BUILD and UPDATE will implicitly OPEN the index file after creating  it.
    The default is to open the index of the current working directory.

    By default, the index file created/searched as ’index.mrt’ in the direc-
    tory where the IMB-FITS files are (DirName). However,  if  user  has  no
    right  (e.g.  write  access) to put the index file in this directory, he
    can override this default and give any IndexFile name (with  its  path).
    In  this  case, it is his responsibility to ensure a correct DirName/In-
    dexFile match. For clarity reasons, the default should be prefered  when


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