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        [MRTCAL\]MFIND  [/DATE Date] [/SCAN List] [/BACKEND Name] [/FRONTEND
    Name] [/OBSTYPE List] [/SWITCHMODE List]  [/SOURCE  Name]  [/PROJID  Id]

    Select IMB-FITS files from the index file and build the Current Index in
    memory. With no options, all files are selected. The  options  allow  to
    add  one  or more selection criteria. Using a wildcard ’*’ as the option
    value makes it uneffective. The number of selected entries is stored  in
    the variable MFOUND, and the index arrays are available in the structure

      - /DATE: the date list, various formats are supported (see subtopic
          for details),
      - /SCAN: the scan list. See subtopic for details
      - /BACKEND: the backend name as known in the IMB-FITS file.
      - /FRONTEND: the receiver name as known in the IMB-FITS file. Note
          that there can be several receivers per file, at least one should
      - /OBSTYPE: the observation type(s) as known in the IMB-FITS file.
      - /SWITCHMODE: the switching mode(s) in the list PSW, WSW, FSW, BSW,
          and UNK(nown).
      - /SOURCE: the source name. Wildcards are allowed in the name.
      - /PROJID: the project identifier (character string).  Wildcards are
          allowed in the string.
      - /COMPLETENESS: one of the following:
            . YES: select only complete files,
            . NO: select unreadable, empty (0 subscan) or partial (missing
                  subscans) files,
            . READABLE: select partial or complete files,
            . UNREADABLE: select only unreadable or empty files
      - /CALIBRATED: select by one or several calibration statuses, in NONE,
          DONE, or FAILED.


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