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        [SIC\]PAUSE "Message"

    Set a break point in a Loop or a Macro. PAUSE returns  control  to  user
    when  executed  in a macro. The prompt is changed to indicate the execu-
    tion level. Any valid command can be executed while in  interrupt  mode.
    The execution can be resumed by typing CONTINUE, aborted by QUIT (or RE-
    TURN, depending whether an error status is desired). NEXT  may  also  be
    used for the Loop.

    If  PAUSE  is  followed  by an argument, this argument is typed when the
    pause occurs. When typed in interactive, PAUSE generates a traceback  of
    the levels of execution in SIC.

    A pause is generated after completion of the current command if you type
    <^C> on the keyboard. This allows you to interrupt any sequence of  com-
    mands (even if ON ERROR CONTINUE has been typed).

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