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        [SIC\]PARSE [/OptionName1] ... [/OptionNameN]

    Parse the array PRO%ARG in order to mimic the options mechanism provided
    by a standard command.

    When a procedure is executed, the array PRO%ARG is filled with the argu-
    ments passed to the procedure. If you invoke the command PARSE with some
    option  names, it will parse the arguments to gather them by options and
    option arguments into the structure PRO%PARSE%.

    For example, if you invoke your procedure like this:

        SIC> @ myprocedure 123 /MYOPTION "ABC"

    the PRO%ARG array will contain
        SIC_3> EXA PRO%ARG
        PRO%ARG    is a character*256 Array of dimensions 3

    Invoking the command PARSE in your procedure e.g.

    will gather the command and the 2 option arguments like this:
        SIC_3> EXA PRO%PARSE%
        PRO%PARSE%                                    ! Structure GLOBAL
        PRO%PARSE%COMMAND                             ! Structure GLOBAL
        PRO%PARSE%COMMAND%NARG =            1         ! Integer GLOBAL RO
        PRO%PARSE%COMMAND%ARG is a character*256 Array of dimensions 1
        PRO%PARSE%MYOPTION                            ! Structure GLOBAL
        PRO%PARSE%MYOPTION%NARG =            1        ! Integer GLOBAL RO
        PRO%PARSE%MYOPTION%ARG is a character*256 Array of dimensions 1
        PRO%PARSE%OTHEROPTION                         ! Structure GLOBAL
        PRO%PARSE%OTHEROPTION%NARG =           -1     ! Integer GLOBAL RO

    Namely: the command was passed 1 argument (available in  the  associated
    ARG  array),  the  option MYOPTION was passed 1 argument, and the option
    OTHEROPTION was absent (NARG=-1). An option is present if NARG>=0.

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