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        [MRTCAL\]INDEX UPDATE [DirName] [/PATTERN String] [DATE DateString]

    Build  or update the index of the IMB-FITS files. The index is stored in
    a binary file named ’index.mrt’. The command implicitly performs an  IN-
    DEX OPEN right after the UPDATE to allow direct use of the index.

    The  index lists all the files named ’iram30m-*-*s*-imb.fits’ in the di-
    rectory, including unreadable and incomplete (in terms of number of sub-
    scans)  ones.  Selection is made from this list with the various options
    and features of the commands using this list.

    The command can be called several times. The index file  is  updated  if
    needed,  in  particular  if the file readability has improved (e.g. scan
    has been completed).

    By default, the command searches for the IMB-FITS files in  the  current
    working  directory. This can be overriden thanks to the option /DIRECTO-
    RY. Note that the index file is always created in the same directory  of
    the  files  it  lists (write access is thus needed). Directory search is
    not recursive.

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