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Compiling Gildas with your custom Python (if any)

If you compiled and installed a custom version of Python (i.e. in a non-standard location), you will have to define or augment the $GAG_SEARCH_PATH environment variable with the paths to the Python library and include directories, e.g.:

export GAG_SEARCH_PATH=/your/custom/installation/path/include:\
Gildas administrative scripts will look in these places to detect your installation. $GAG_SEARCH_PATH is only needed at build time.

Then you can run the usual Gildas administrative scripts:

cd <installation-directory>
tar xvzf gildas-src-jul10.tgz
cd gildas-src-jul10
source admin/ [-c <compiler>]
# read carefully the messages (in particular those for Python)
make install
# read the last instructions

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