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Install scipy module for Python (optional)

The module named scipy (Scientific Python) is not necessary for the Gildas-Python binding, but it provides useful functionalities you may want. The build and installation process is exactly the same as for NumPy:

  1. Download scipy from:

  2. Unpack and compile scipy:
    cd <compilation-directory>
    tar xvzf scipy-0.7.1.tar.gz
    cd scipy-0.7.1
    python build --fcompiler=<compiler>

  3. Install:
    python install [--prefix=/some/custom/installation/prefix]
    If you provide a custom installation path (-prefix), use the same as for NumPy: you will not have to augment again the $PYTHONPATH for this second module.

  4. Check the installation:
    import scipy
    from scipy.special import jn
    (the last line tries to import the Bessel functions named jn).

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