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VizieR new version with time capabilities and TAP updates

Posted by VizieR Team on 21 October 2020 11:44 CEST

The version provides new capabilities on time columns.

  • VOTable provided by VizieR SED includes times columns converted in TCB/barycenter
  • VizieR interfaces provides time in ISO or MJD in TCB/barycenter as new computed columns

The new version is available @ VizieR-beta and will become the official version in the current month.

A new version of TAPVizieR (VizieR itnerface to query tables using SQL/ADQL) is available.

VizieR common interface

  • The VizieR website provides time conversion in TCB/barycenter in the Prefrences
  • The VizieR API is enriched with -out.add=_t,_etime to add time columns


  • new version based on vollt library
  • new output format (FITS, VOTable-binary)
  • healpix ivo function
  • advanced users capablities to modify the QueryPlan

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