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Catalogs added between 08-Aug-2020 and 15-Aug-2020

Posted by on 15 August 2020 06:06 CEST

The collection of catalogs was enriched with 45 new and 1 modified catalogs. The full collection of catalogs is available from the Astronomer's Bazaar.

The 46 catalogs added or modified are: VI/156 (J/MNRAS/489/2645) (VI/156 M-dwarf Lum-Temp-Radius relationshipsalias: J/MNRAS/489/2645; B/eso (logESO,ESOSAC) (B/eso ESO Science Archive Catalogalias: logESO,ESOSAC; B/vsx (VSX) (B/vsx AAVSO International Variable Star Index VSXalias: VSX; B/wds (WDS) (B/wds The Washington Visual Double Star Catalogalias: WDS; J/A+A/640/A32 (J/A+A/640/A32 WASP-148 velocity curvecatid: 36400032; J/A+A/640/A38 (J/A+A/640/A38 gr images of 20 isolated early-type galaxiescatid: 36400038; J/A+A/640/A40 (J/A+A/640/A40 1002 mCP stars from LAMOST DR4catid: 36400040; J/A+A/640/A43 (J/A+A/640/A43 10-year Fermi LAT results for the Crab pulsarcatid: 36400043; J/A+A/640/A48 (J/A+A/640/A48 K2-32 and K2-233 light and RV curvescatid: 36400048; J/A+A/640/A52 (J/A+A/640/A52 M dwarfs HeI infrared triplet variabilitycatid: 36400052; J/A+A/640/A65 (J/A+A/640/A65 CLASH brightest cluster galaxies CO spectracatid: 36400065; J/A+A/640/A66 (J/A+A/640/A66 Updated X-ray view of the Hyades clustercatid: 36400066; J/A+A/640/A69 (J/A+A/640/A69 3C 279 Event Horizon Telescope imagingcatid: 36400069; J/A+A/640/A70 (J/A+A/640/A70 Massive discs in cosmological simulationscatid: 36400070; J/A+A/640/A73 (J/A+A/640/A73 pi Men radial velocity curvescatid: 36400073; J/A+A/640/A74 (J/A+A/640/A74 SOLIS. VIII. L1157-B1 spectracatid: 36400074; J/A+A/640/A75 (J/A+A/640/A75 SOLIS. X. NGC 1333 IRAS 4A imagescatid: 36400075; J/A+A/640/A77 (J/A+A/640/A77 Crystallization of a neutron star inner crustcatid: 36400077; J/A+A/640/A78 (1874-2019); J/ApJ/871/17 (J/ApJ/871/17 HI and CO observations of M33 interstellar mediumcatid: 18710017; J/ApJ/871/215 (J/ApJ/871/215 JVLA rotation measures of Smith cloud bckg sourcescatid: 18710215; J/ApJ/871/244 (J/ApJ/871/244 Times of X-ray minima & orbit numbers of Cyg X-3catid: 18710244; J/ApJ/871/251 (J/ApJ/871/251 ALMA obs. of ethyl formate toward Orion KLcatid: 18710251; J/ApJ/871/35 (J/ApJ/871/35 HST/COS spectra of QSOs with SiIV datacatid: 18710035; J/ApJ/871/57 [YIH2019](J/ApJ/871/57 SDSS & MMT obs. of extremely massive QSOs & gal.alias: [YIH2019]; J/ApJ/871/93 (J/ApJ/871/93 Solar wind speed from 5yr data with ACE spacecraftcatid: 18710093; J/ApJ/872/16 (J/ApJ/872/16 Integrated star formation law revisited. I.catid: 18720016; J/ApJ/872/17 (J/ApJ/872/17 HAZMAT. V. UV and X-ray evolution of K starscatid: 18720017; J/ApJ/872/21 (J/ApJ/872/21 SDSS RM project: <10day CIV BAL variabilitycatid: 18720021; J/ApJ/872/42 (J/ApJ/872/42 Opt. spectroscopy of redback ms pulsar binariescatid: 18720042; J/ApJS/248/23 (J/ApJS/248/23 4FGL sources with IR/Rad associationscatid: 22480023; J/ApJS/248/24 (MGPS90); J/ApJS/248/31 (J/ApJS/248/31 HST & Chandra obs. of elliptical galaxiescatid: 22480031; J/ApJS/248/33 (J/ApJS/248/33 Edge-on HI-rich LSB galaxies from ALFALFAcatid: 22480033; J/MNRAS/472/1618 (J/MNRAS/472/1618 Kepler study of starspot lifetimescatid: 74721618; J/MNRAS/472/1760 (J/MNRAS/472/1760 Hierarchical formation of Westerlund 1catid: 74721760; J/MNRAS/472/1850 (J/MNRAS/472/1850 Detecting damped Ly{alpha} absorberscatid: 74721850; J/MNRAS/472/2517 (J/MNRAS/472/2517 Stellar twins in RAVE with Gaiacatid: 74722517; J/MNRAS/472/2963 (J/MNRAS/472/2963 Metallicities of Pristine starscatid: 74722963; J/MNRAS/472/334 (J/MNRAS/472/334 Optical/MIR properties of Type 1 AGNscatid: 74720334; J/MNRAS/472/3706 [GHE2001](J/MNRAS/472/3706 Globular cluster 47 Tuc Chandra studiesalias: [GHE2001]; J/MNRAS/472/4193 (J/MNRAS/472/4193 Radial velocities of 1453 FGKcatid: 74724193; J/MNRAS/472/4878 (J/MNRAS/472/4878 Number counts predictions for surveyscatid: 74724878; J/MNRAS/472/772 (J/MNRAS/472/772 Candidate LAEs at z=5.7 and z=6.6catid: 74720772; J/MNRAS/472/808 (J/MNRAS/472/808 YJKs light curves of SMC Classical Cepheidscatid: 74720808; J/MNRAS/491/655 (J/MNRAS/491/655 Photometry and spectroscopy of RN LMC 1968catid: 74910655;

This selection of new catalogs is readily accessible from the FTP server; the full access via VizieR may take a few days more.

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