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Catalogs added between 18-Jul-2020 and 25-Jul-2020

Posted by on 25 July 2020 06:10 CEST

The collection of catalogs was enriched with 47 new catalogs. The full collection of catalogs is available from the Astronomer's Bazaar.

The 47 catalogs added or modified are: IX/59 (XMM,4XMM,4XMM-DR9) (IX/59 XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue 4XMM-DR9alias: XMM,4XMM,4XMM-DR9; IX/60 (IX/60 Fermi superluminal sourcescatid: 9060; J/A+A/635/A152 (J/A+A/635/A152 Tucana dSph galaxy spectroscopic datasetcatid: 36350152; J/A+A/635/A187 (J/A+A/635/A187 Massive binaries in Westerlund 1. VII.catid: 36350187; J/A+A/635/A84 (J/A+A/635/A84 BSk26 functionalscatid: 36350084; J/A+A/636/A15 (J/A+A/636/A15 X-ray galaxy cluster samplecatid: 36360015; J/A+A/636/A20 (J/A+A/636/A20 OGLE-III parallax events with Gaia DR2catid: 36360020; J/A+A/639/A111 (J/A+A/639/A111 NGC 4217 radio and polarization mapscatid: 36390111; J/A+A/639/A116 (J/A+A/639/A116 RSGs in the SMCcatid: 36390116; J/A+A/639/A121 (J/A+A/639/A121 LkCa 15 and 2MASS J16100501-2132318 ALMa imagescatid: 36390121; J/A+A/639/A127 (J/A+A/639/A127 Age-chemical-clocks-metallicity relationscatid: 36390127; J/A+A/639/A129 (J/A+A/639/A129 Ethyl methyl sulfide rotational spectroscopycatid: 36390129; J/A+A/639/A134 (J/A+A/639/A134 The large TNO 2002 TC302catid: 36390134; J/A+A/639/A135 (J/A+A/639/A135 Glycolamide rotational transitionscatid: 36390135; J/A+A/639/A136 (J/A+A/639/A136 The Fornax Deep Survey with the VST. IX.catid: 36390136; J/A+A/639/A138 (J/A+A/639/A138 3D dust extinction mapdata: f; J/A+A/639/L10 (J/A+A/639/L10 VRI photometry of V392 Percatid: 36399010; J/A+A/639/L12 (J/A+A/639/L12 Search for NLTE modeling for classical nova ejectacatid: 36399012; J/A+A/639/L13 (J/A+A/639/L13 4C 41.17 IRAM/NOEMA data cubescatid: 36399013; J/AJ/159/129 (J/AJ/159/129 21 saturnian small moons brightness with ISSdata: f; J/AJ/159/133 (J/AJ/159/133 Orbital elements of 240 TNOs with Dark Energy Surveycatid: 51590133; J/AJ/159/173 (J/AJ/159/173 Photometry & RVs of 4 dwarfs hosting giant planetsdata: f; J/AJ/159/214 (J/AJ/159/214 UBVRI linear polarisation in Wolf-Rayet windsdata: f; J/AJ/159/245 (J/AJ/159/245 Xinglong optical spectra of UGC3223 in 4 epochscatid: 51590245; J/AJ/159/256 (J/AJ/159/256 Light curve of OGLE-2018-BLG-0677catid: 51590256; J/AJ/159/257 (J/AJ/159/257 The Hawaii IR parallax program. IV. Dwarfs with UKIRTcatid: 51590257; J/AN/350/789 (J/AN/350/789 Corrected proper motion for HIP starscatid: 113500789; J/ApJ/870/13 (J/ApJ/870/13 K2 light curve alternative analysis of ASASSN-18btcatid: 18700013; J/ApJ/870/83 (J/ApJ/870/83 Abundances in the ultra-faint dwarf gal. GruI & TriIIcatid: 18700083; J/ApJS/247/50 (J/ApJS/247/50 Late-type contact binaries in CSS DR1catid: 22470050; J/ApJS/247/53 (J/ApJS/247/53 ROGUE. I. SDSS galaxies with FIRSTcatid: 22470053; J/ApJS/247/57 (J/ApJS/247/57 Compact bright radio-loud AGNs. III. VLBA 43GHzcatid: 22470057; J/ApJS/247/71 (J/ApJS/247/71 Large-scale environment of radio galaxies. II.catid: 22470071; J/ApJS/248/3 (J/ApJS/248/3 A 4-6GHz RRL survey in the Milky Waycatid: 22480003; J/ApJS/248/8 (J/ApJS/248/8 9-yr of Fermi-LAT & Swift obs. of 3C 454.3 flarescatid: 22480008; J/MNRAS/471/2687 (J/MNRAS/471/2687 Massive galaxies environmental densitycatid: 74712687; J/MNRAS/471/3028 (J/MNRAS/471/3028 UVIT and GALEX count ratescatid: 74713028; J/MNRAS/471/3398 (J/MNRAS/471/3398 Nitrogen abundances for Be and B starscatid: 74713398; J/MNRAS/471/3428 (J/MNRAS/471/3428 Damped Lyman Alpha systems equivalent widthcatid: 74713428; J/MNRAS/471/3806 (J/MNRAS/471/3806 Extragalactic radio sources with recurrent jetcatid: 74713806; J/MNRAS/471/3915 (J/MNRAS/471/3915 MALT-45, 44 GHz class I methanol maserscatid: 74713915; J/MNRAS/471/4218 (J/MNRAS/471/4218 4 low-mass white-dwarf candidates velocitiescatid: 74714218; J/MNRAS/471/4571 (J/MNRAS/471/4571 Magellanic Inter-Cloud Project. IIIcatid: 74714571; J/MNRAS/471/4966 (J/MNRAS/471/4966 ASAS-SN bright supernova catalogue 2016catid: 74714966; J/MNRAS/471/4990 (J/MNRAS/471/4990 Nearby galaxy clusters X-ray point sourcescatid: 74714990; J/MNRAS/493/1996 (J/MNRAS/493/1996 NGC 6712 variable stars VI light curvesdata: f; J/MNRAS/496/2422 (J/MNRAS/496/2422 Abundances of 42 Pisces-Eridanus stream starscatid: 74962422;

This selection of new catalogs is readily accessible from the FTP server; the full access via VizieR may take a few days more.

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