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Catalogs added between 20-Jun-2020 and 27-Jun-2020

Posted by on 27 June 2020 06:02 CEST

The collection of catalogs was enriched with 21 new catalogs. The full collection of catalogs is available from the Astronomer's Bazaar.

The 21 catalogs added or modified are: B/eso (logESO,ESOSAC) (B/eso ESO Science Archive Catalogalias: logESO,ESOSAC; B/vsx (VSX) (B/vsx AAVSO International Variable Star Index VSXalias: VSX; J/A+A/638/A103 (J/A+A/638/A103 Central stars of planetary nebulae in Gaia DR2catid: 36380103; J/A+A/638/A105 (J/A+A/638/A105 8 massive proto-cluster clumps NH2D & NH3 cubescatid: 36380105; J/A+A/638/A108 (J/A+A/638/A108 4 p-mode pulsators arrival timescatid: 36380108; J/A+A/638/A114 (J/A+A/638/A114 CODEX galaxy clusters catalogcatid: 36380114; J/A+A/638/A120 (J/A+A/638/A120 SPHERE maps around Proxima Cencatid: 36380120; J/A+A/638/A122 (J/A+A/638/A122 High-speed stars. Galactic hitchhikerscatid: 36380122; J/A+A/638/A131 (J/A+A/638/A131 Radial velocities of 643 DA white dwarfscatid: 36380131; J/AJ/159/211 (J/AJ/159/211 Exoplanets parameters from Kepler and K2data: f; J/AJ/159/220 (J/AJ/159/220 WIYN open cluster study. LXXIX. I. M48catid: 51590220; J/AJ/159/230 (541132) Leleakuhonuadata: f; J/AJ/159/233 (J/AJ/159/233 Observations of binary stars with the DSSI. f; J/ApJS/246/8 (J/ApJS/246/8 RR Lyrae star candidates from SDSS-DR15data: f; J/ApJS/247/16 (J/ApJS/247/16 Extreme high-frequency-peaked BL Lac objectscatid: 22470016; J/ApJS/247/20 (J/ApJS/247/20 The CGS. IX. R-band single-Sersic fits to ellipticalscatid: 22470020; J/ApJS/247/25 (J/ApJS/247/25 The SPTpol Extended Cluster Surveycatid: 22470025; J/ApJS/247/29 (J/ApJS/247/29 CO obs. of Planck Galactic cold clumpscatid: 22470029; J/MNRAS/488/2283 (J/MNRAS/488/2283 COMBS survey. Galactic Bulge metal-poor starscatid: 74882283; J/MNRAS/495/3087 (J/MNRAS/495/3087 Photometric sample of 2.6million red clump starscatid: 74953087; J/MNRAS/495/663 (J/MNRAS/495/663 Gaia DR2 OB associationscatid: 74950663;

This selection of new catalogs is readily accessible from the FTP server; the full access via VizieR may take a few days more.

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