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Catalogs added between 13-Jun-2020 and 20-Jun-2020

Posted by on 20 June 2020 06:04 CEST

The collection of catalogs was enriched with 27 new catalogs. The full collection of catalogs is available from the Astronomer's Bazaar.

The 27 catalogs added or modified are: J/A+A/438/A74 (J/A+A/438/A74 Catalog of dense cores in Oph molecular cloudcatid: 34380074; J/A+A/634/A18 (J/A+A/634/A18 Be and Bn stars Balmer discontinuitycatid: 36340018; J/A+A/634/A97 (J/A+A/634/A97 VUDS UV and Ly{alpha} luminosity functionscatid: 36340097; J/A+A/634/A9 (J/A+A/634/A9 PKS 1549-79 ALMA data cubes & continuum imagescatid: 36340009; J/A+A/634/A29 (J/A+A/634/A29 Kepler-278 and Kepler-391 spectracatid: 36340029; J/A+A/634/A139 (J/A+A/634/A139 Giant Molecular Filament THOR datacubescatid: 36340139; J/A+A/634/L9 (J/A+A/634/L9 Rotation periods of 97 solar-like starscatid: 36349009; J/A+A/638/A104 (J/A+A/638/A104 Gaia DR2 candidate RR Lyrae of Sgr stream & dwarfcatid: 36380104; J/A+A/638/A111 (J/A+A/638/A111 HST/ACS photometry of KKH22 and KKH34catid: 36380111; J/A+A/638/A76 (J/A+A/638/A76 StarHorse data for 5 surveyscatid: 36380076; J/A+A/638/A84 (J/A+A/638/A84 PACS observations of large main-belt asteroidscatid: 36380084; J/A+A/638/A85 (J/A+A/638/A85 3D view of Taurus with Gaia and Herschelcatid: 36380085; J/AJ/159/200 (J/AJ/159/200 Young stellar objects in Lupus star-forming regiondata: f; J/ApJS/247/12 (J/ApJS/247/12 Strong lens models for 37 clusters from SGAScatid: 22470012; J/ApJS/247/13 (J/ApJS/247/13 ATLAS c-o colors and classification of asteroidscatid: 22470013; J/ApJS/247/5 (J/ApJS/247/5 Accurate OH maser positions from SPLASH. III.catid: 22470005; J/ApJS/247/7 (J/ApJS/247/7 Narrowband Ca photometry for dwarf spheroidal galaxiescatid: 22470007; J/ApJS/247/9 (J/ApJS/247/9 FGK stars magnetic activity in LAMOST-Kepler fieldcatid: 22470009; J/MNRAS/470/1291 (J/MNRAS/470/1291 Classifying 3FGL with ANNcatid: 74701291; J/MNRAS/470/1462 (J/MNRAS/470/1462 HOPS. III. Dense molecular gas propertiescatid: 74701462; J/MNRAS/470/3765 (J/MNRAS/470/3765 Mass-loss rates in LMC and SMC O starscatid: 74703765; J/MNRAS/470/4285 (J/MNRAS/470/4285 Open cluster King 1 photometrycatid: 74704285; J/MNRAS/470/4838 (J/MNRAS/470/4838 Redshift catalog of HE 0435-1223 field-of-viewcatid: 74704838; J/MNRAS/470/755 (J/MNRAS/470/755 Galaxy mergers and AGN activitycatid: 74700755; J/MNRAS/470/95 (J/MNRAS/470/95 CLASH galaxies photometric redshifts in 25 ClGcatid: 74700095; J/MNRAS/471/28 (J/MNRAS/471/28 AGN feedbackcatid: 74710028; J/MNRAS/496/L96 (J/MNRAS/496/L96 Polarization of LMXB MAXI J1820+070catid: 74969096;

This selection of new catalogs is readily accessible from the FTP server; the full access via VizieR may take a few days more.

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