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Catalogs added between 23-May-2020 and 30-May-2020

Posted by on 30 May 2020 07:55 CEST

The collection of catalogs was enriched with 16 new and 1 modified catalogs. The full collection of catalogs is available from the Astronomer's Bazaar.

The 17 catalogs added or modified are: B/eso (logESO,ESOSAC) (B/eso ESO Science Archive Catalogalias: logESO,ESOSAC; J/A+A/637/A93 (J/A+A/637/A93 HD 79211 CARMENES radial velocitiescatid: 36370093; J/A+A/637/A95 (J/A+A/637/A95 16 open clusters UBVI and Gaia DR2 photometrycatid: 36370095; J/A+A/637/A98 (J/A+A/637/A98 Globular cluster escapees in the Galactic halocatid: 36370098; J/A+A/638/A13 (J/A+A/638/A13 NGC 3516 optical flarecatid: 36380013; J/A+A/638/A3 (NC-CH=C=O) mm wave spectroscopycatid: 36380003; J/A+A/638/A13 (J/A+A/638/A13 NGC 3516 optical flarecatid: 36380013; J/A+A/638/A5 (J/A+A/638/A5 HD 285507 and AD Leo light and velocity curvescatid: 36380005; J/A+A/638/A9 (J/A+A/638/A9 A census of the near-by Psc-Eri stellar streamcatid: 36380009; J/AJ/159/145 (J/AJ/159/145 Radial velocities and flux of the host star TOI-677catid: 51590145; J/AJ/159/150 (J/AJ/159/150 Transit times of 11 hot Jupiterscatid: 51590150; J/AJ/159/153 (J/AJ/159/153 Photometry of young stars in H II region Sh2-242catid: 51590153; J/AJ/159/166 (J/AJ/159/166 Gaia DR2 stellar parameters of moving group membersdata: f; J/ApJ/269/352 (J/ApJ/269/352 Quasar evolutioncatid: 12690352; J/ApJS/247/28 (J/ApJS/247/28 K2 star parameters from Gaia & LAMOSTcatid: 22470028; J/MNRAS/487/2061 (J/MNRAS/487/2061 Distances for 2062 nearby spiral galaxiescatid: 74872061; J/MNRAS/492/1164 (J/MNRAS/492/1164 Abundances of Gaia DR2 wide binariescatid: 74921164;

This selection of new catalogs is readily accessible from the FTP server; the full access via VizieR may take a few days more.

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