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Catalogs added between 09-May-2020 and 16-May-2020

Posted by on 16 May 2020 05:59 CEST

The collection of catalogs was enriched with 33 new and 3 modified catalogs. The full collection of catalogs is available from the Astronomer's Bazaar.

The 36 catalogs added or modified are: II/364 (VIRAC,J/MNRAS/474/1826) (II/364 VIRAC. The VVV Infrared Astrometric Cataloguealias: VIRAC,J/MNRAS/474/1826; B/eso (logESO,ESOSAC) (B/eso ESO Science Archive Catalogalias: logESO,ESOSAC; J/A+A/596/A116 (J/A+A/596/A116 Radial velocities of K-M dwarfscatid: 35960116; J/A+A/633/A139 (J/A+A/633/A139 Abundances of RXC J2248.7-4431 galaxiescatid: 36330139; J/A+A/637/A40 (J/A+A/637/A40 HMSCs classification and physical parameterscatid: 36370040; J/A+A/637/A43 (J/A+A/637/A43 Membership in the Cepheus associationcatid: 36370043; J/A+A/637/A52 (J/A+A/637/A52 Deep Chandra survey in J1030+0524 fieldcatid: 36370052; J/A+A/637/A54 (J/A+A/637/A54 WINGS cluster survey second u-band extensioncatid: 36370054; J/A+A/637/A62 (J/A+A/637/A62 Fornax3D. Planetary nebulae automated detectioncatid: 36370062; J/A+A/637/A63 (J/A+A/637/A63 NGC 1333-IRAS4A radio imagescatid: 36370063; J/AJ/159/103 (J/AJ/159/103 HSC search of SDSS and GAMA dwarf gal. mergerscatid: 51590103; J/AJ/159/105 (J/AJ/159/105 Two new stellar associations in vicinity of the Suncatid: 51590105; J/AJ/159/114 (J/AJ/159/114 Spectroscopy of mCVs & variable objects. II.catid: 51590114; J/AJ/159/116 (J/AJ/159/116 I-band light curve of a microlensing eventcatid: 51590116; J/AJ/159/95 (J/AJ/159/95 IC 1369 Vilnius photometry and Gaia DR2 astrometrycatid: 51590095; J/AJ/159/98 (J/AJ/159/98 I-band LC of the microlensing event KMT-2016-BLG-1836catid: 51590098; J/ApJ/269/352 (J/ApJ/269/352 Quasar evolutioncatid: 12690352; J/ApJ/844/157 (J/ApJ/844/157 Ultradiffuse galaxies found in deep HST images of HFFcatid: 18440157; J/ApJS/244/40 (J/ApJS/244/40 A3COSMOS. I. ALMA continuum photometry catalogscatid: 22440040; J/ApJS/245/13 (J/ApJS/245/13 CDIPS. I. LCs from TESS sectors 6 and 7catid: 22450013; J/ApJS/245/14 (J/ApJS/245/14 8um cores in the spiral arms of nearby galaxiescatid: 22450014; J/ApJS/245/15 (J/ApJS/245/15 Swift XRT follow-up of LIGO/Virgo GW triggerscatid: 22450015; J/ApJS/245/17 (J/ApJS/245/17 X-shaped radio galaxies from FIRSTcatid: 22450017; J/MNRAS/469/1330 (J/MNRAS/469/1330 NGC 6067 starscatid: 74691330; J/MNRAS/469/1545 (J/MNRAS/469/1545 New compact star cluster candidates in GPcatid: 74691545; J/MNRAS/469/1783 (J/MNRAS/469/1783 33 T Tauri stars in Taurus Halpha measurementscatid: 74691783; J/MNRAS/469/2089 (J/MNRAS/469/2089 Radial velocity curves of 7 KICcatid: 74692089; J/MNRAS/469/2102 (J/MNRAS/469/2102 White dwarf population from the SDSS DR12catid: 74692102; J/MNRAS/469/2121 (J/MNRAS/469/2121 Mass-metallicity relation revisited with CALIFAcatid: 74692121; J/MNRAS/469/2163 (J/MNRAS/469/2163 JCMT Plane Survey. first complete data releasecatid: 74692163; J/MNRAS/469/2313 (J/MNRAS/469/2313 Radio pulsars post-glitchscatid: 74692313; J/MNRAS/469/3125 (J/MNRAS/469/3125 Abundance ratio in gamma-ray burstcatid: 74693125; J/MNRAS/469/3163 (J/MNRAS/469/3163 Properties of BAL quasarscatid: 74693163; J/MNRAS/469/3363 (J/MNRAS/469/3363 Offset discs and bars in SDSS galaxiescatid: 74693363; J/MNRAS/474/4438 (J/MNRAS/474/4438 Stroemgren photometry of M13catid: 74744438; J/other/RAA/18.92 (J/other/RAA/18.92 New variable stars in 104 Her fieldcatid: 1040001807;

This selection of new catalogs is readily accessible from the FTP server; the full access via VizieR may take a few days more.

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