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Catalogs added between 04-Apr-2020 and 11-Apr-2020

Posted by on 11 April 2020 07:12 CEST

The collection of catalogs was enriched with 20 new and 1 modified catalogs. The full collection of catalogs is available from the Astronomer's Bazaar.

The 21 catalogs added or modified are: B/eso (logESO,ESOSAC) (B/eso ESO Science Archive Catalogalias: logESO,ESOSAC; J/A+A/635/A45 (J/A+A/635/A45 570 new open clusters in the Galactic disccatid: 36350045; J/A+A/636/A12 (J/A+A/636/A12 1.4<=z<=5.0 QSOs luminosity functioncatid: 36360012; J/A+A/636/A16 (J/A+A/636/A16 M43, Horsehead, MonR2, M17SW [CII]158um spectracatid: 36360016; J/A+A/636/A24 (J/A+A/636/A24 Polarised radiative transfer angular quadraturescatid: 36360024; J/A+A/636/A26 (J/A+A/636/A26 4 young protostars ALMA and NOEMA spectral cubescatid: 36360026; J/A+A/636/A33 (J/A+A/636/A33 Glutaronitrile rotational spectroscopycatid: 36360033; J/A+A/636/A8 (J/A+A/636/A8 Early type galaxies g-r colour fits mapscatid: 36360008; J/AJ/159/24 (J/AJ/159/24 Spectroscopy & Kepler data of the EB star V404 Lyrdata: f; J/AJ/159/43 (J/AJ/159/43 Spectroscopically identified CVs from LAMOST survey. I.catid: 51590043; J/AJ/159/63 (J/AJ/159/63 New AO obs. of exoplanets & brown dwarf companionscatid: 51590063; J/ApJ/869/167 (J/ApJ/869/167 Improved empirical models for Type Ia SNecatid: 18690167; J/ApJS/246/2 (GalWCat19); J/MNRAS/468/1917 (J/MNRAS/468/1917 Concentration parameter of galaxy clusterscatid: 74681917; J/MNRAS/468/2058 (J/MNRAS/468/2058 Boxy/peanut-shaped bulges in barred galaxiescatid: 74682058; J/MNRAS/468/2325 (J/MNRAS/468/2325 YSOs in star-forming region associated to V582 Aurcatid: 74682325; J/MNRAS/468/2684 (J/MNRAS/468/2684 IC1805 YSOscatid: 74682684; J/MNRAS/468/2816 (J/MNRAS/468/2816 NGC6397 low-mass variable starscatid: 74682816; J/other/Nat/576.61 (J/other/Nat/576.61 WDJ0914+1914 X-Shooter spectrumcatid: 1038057601; J/other/Nat/576.61 (J/other/Nat/576.61 WDJ0914+1914 X-Shooter spectrumcatid: 1038057601; J/other/OEJV/87 (J/other/OEJV/87 Extended catalog of NVSS red AGB variable starscatid: 1043008700;

This selection of new catalogs is readily accessible from the FTP server; the full access via VizieR may take a few days more.

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