IAU XXV General Assembly

Sydney, July 2003


Joint Discussion 08



Thursday July 17, Tumbalong Meeting Room 1

& Friday July 18, Tumbalung Auditorium

Organized by Commissions 5 & 9

Participating Commissions/Division: 25, 28 & 47 / VI

Scientific Organizing Committee0: J. Andersen (IAU), J. Breckinridge (USA), R.D. Cannon (Australia), O. Dluzhnevskaya, (Russia) F. Genova (France, Co-Chair), R. Gilmozzi (ESO), R. Hanisch (USA), M. Iye (Japan), A. Kembhavi (India), R. Norris (Australia), P.J. Quinn (ESO), L.M. Stepp (USA) & Ding-qiang Su (China PR, Co-Chair)

Editors of Proceedings: F. Genova (Chief Editor) & Xiangqun Cui

All talks are invited reviews


Thursday July 17




Session I.  Science drivers for Ground-based Future Giant Telescope (FGT)

& Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST)

Chair, A. Landolt

09:00      Cosmology, large-scale structure, and galaxy formation        R. Gilmozzi

09:30      Formation of stars and planets                                                            S. Strom

10:00      Discussion

10:30      Coffee


Session II.  Ground-based future giant telescope (FGT)

Chair, Su Ding-qiang

11:00      FGT projects and their technological challenges (ppt)                     L. Stepp

11:30      Progress in adaptive optics                                                          R. Ragazzoni

                   and multi-conjugate adaptive optics (pdf)

12:00      Discussion

12:30      Lunch


Session III.  Future giant telescopes in space (NGST)

Chair, J. Breckinridge

14:00      The JWST and others                                                                          J. Gardner

14:30      Advanced Technologies for Future Space Telescopes                P. Gondoin

                   & Instruments (pdf)

15:00      Discussion

15:30      Coffee


Session IV.  Towards the global multi-wavelength observatory

Chair, J. Andersen

16:00      Future giant radio telescopes                                                           H. Butcher

16:30      International collaboration in Astronomy (ppt)                         R. Schilizzi

17:00      Discussion

17:30      Summary:  Commission 9 role in the FGT (pdf)                   Ding-qiang Su


Friday July 18




Session I.

Chair, P. Quinn


09:00      The Basis for the Virtual Observatory (history, review) (pdf)   E. Schreier

09:30      The International Virtual Observatory Alliance (ppt)           A. Kembhavi

10:00      Science highlights: An AstroVirtel example (ps)                           P. Anders

10:15      Science highlights: Automated classification                               R. Hanisch

                   of X-Ray Sources (ppt)

10:30      Coffee


Session II.

Chair, R. Norris

11:00      The VO and Ground-Based Data (ppt)                                              J. Huchra

11:30      The Theoretical Virtual Observatory (pdf)                                        S. White

12:00      Science highlights: NVO Brown Dwarfs (ppt)                       D. Kirkpatrick

                                                                                                   presented by B. Berriman

12:15      Science highlights: Science drivers for the                                     N. Walton

                   Astrophysical Virtual Observatory 1st Light:

                   Mining the high redshift Universe (pdf)

12:30      Lunch



Session III. Round Table with short presentations on technical issues, VO efforts, etc.


Co-chairs, O. Malkov and M. Ohishi

               Speakers: M. Ohishi (ppt), D. Barnes (pdf), P. Woudt,

               T. Dorokhova (pdf, presented by F. Genova), K. Tatematsu (pdf), G. Rixon

15:30      Coffee


Session IV. Conclusions

Chair, O. Dluzhnevskaya

16:00      How Will the VO Affect Astronomy?  Overview (ppt)             G. Gilmore

16:30      Summary:  Commission 5 role in the VO (pdf)                            F. Genova

16:45      Discussion


Closing talk


17:00      Big Telescopes, Big Data, More Science (doc)                                    R. Ekers