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IDL Plotting Widget

IDL Plotting Widgets

IDL widgets are available for making 2-d line ratio diagrams using any combinations of emission lines. Grids of 'shock', 'precursor' and 'shock + precursor' models can be generated via the GUI, or via the IDL command line.

Current Versions

SHOCKPLOT v1.02 (121 MB, complete library)

Previous versions

SHOCKPLOT v1.01 'LITE' (8 MB, fiducial models only)

SHOCKPLOT v1.01 (108 MB, complete library)

SHOCKPLOT v0.1 (118 MB, IDL version 5.5a)

 [These procedures were coded for the IDL versions indicated, and have only been tested on Linux systems. No guarantees]

Part of the SHOCKPLOT interface

Screenshot of SHOCKPLOT - postscript output also available

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Last Modified April 18, 2008