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Fermilab, as part of its Experimental Astrophysics program, is collaborating in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) [1]. Fermilab has major responsibilities for the project's software and software engineering practices. The dissemination of information about these to the SDSS collaborators is primarily done through the World Wide Web.

The survey will collect and reduce 12 TBytes () of data. The data will be collected over a period of 5 years at Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico, starting in late 1995. The imaging data, taken in 5 colors, will come from a photometric survey of of the sky. Over 10 million galaxies and stars each will be imaged. Based on the photometric data, the survey will concurrently collect 1 million spectra of galaxies and 100,000 spectra of QSOs. The resulting data sets are expected to provide interesting science for 20 years.