Using NIR tools for the interfaces to the help
and archive systems at the TNG telescope

A. Balestra, P. Marcucci, F. Pasian, M. Puccillo, R. Smareglia, C. Vuerli

Osservatorio Astronomico, Via G.B.Tiepolo 11, I 34131 Trieste, Italy


Astronomers using the TNG telescope may be confronted during their observing runs with the need to access information, help files, or the archive system. In order to allow observers to efficiently access the desired information and data using an interface they are already familiar to, HTML is being used and will be used in the future. The access to the facilities at the telescope will be initially limited to observers and to the technical staff; however, the use of de facto standards such as HTML and its browsers implies the possibility of allowing wider, although controlled, access.