Access to the Lausanne General Catalogue of Photometric Data (GCPD) *

J.-C. Mermilliod

Institut d'Astronomie, Université de Lausanne, CH-1290 Chavannes-des-Bois,

*Supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation

Since 1970, the Institute of Astronomy of the University of Lausanne has been collecting published photoelectric data in up to 78 photometric systems, for more than 175,000 stars. The content of these collections is summarized in the General Catalogue of Photometric Data (GCPD, Hauck et al. 1990). The data from the major collections (UBV, uvby) are available in SIMBAD, but no public and easy access has so far been provided for the wealth of data and information contained in the numerous other photometric systems.

The recent development of computer and network facilities have prompted us to develop a new database using the Unix /rdb package on our Sun workstations and provide an access to the data collection through the World Wide Web.

The forms will provide an access:

  1. to the GCPD which describes the general information and available data in each photometric system. From this output, it will be possible to select the photometric systems one is interested to and get the original data and their references and/or the mean values;

  2. to the data for each photometric system directly;

  3. to samples based, for example, on coordinates;

  4. to the data bibliographic sources.


Hauck B., Nitschelm C., Mermilliod M., Mermilliod J.-C. 1990, AAS 85, 989