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Concluding remarks

Turning the currently available collection of astronomical IT services into a transparent and integrated electronic Information Infrastructure, requires a coordinated effort. Initiatives, like the AstroWeb project concerning network information systems, the Starlink project concerning astronomical software in the UK, and those of the AAS concerning electronic publishing, are indicative of what may be achieved, and deserve to be extended to the entire astronomical community. Also, the AII can be made `intrinsically coherent', by adopting or establishing certain standards and principles. Efforts in this direction will increase the ease and efficiency by which the End-User, the astronomer, can do his scientific work. It will also allow for a much more efficient allocation of human resources (system managers, software engineers), at local, regional, and global levels, towards the development, maintenance, and support of the AII.

Sake Hogeveen
Tue Apr 4 22:20:48 GMT+0200 1995