The WWW server of Observatoire de Besançon provides access to a Model of stellar population synthesis and to an Asteroidal Polarimetric Database

F. Gazelle (1), A. Robin (1,2), B. Goidet (1)
Observatoire de Besançon, France

(1) Observatoire de Besançon, France
(2) Observatoire de Strasbourg, France

Through forms, the WWW server of Besançon Observatory provides an access to a detailed model of our Galaxy. A synthetic approach has been used to build this model. We link the kinematical and dynamical point of view to an evolution scheme through a key parameter : the stellar ages. The age distribution of stars in the solar neighbourhood is derived from a model of galactic evolution. The stellar populations of the galactic disc are self-consistently constrained by the Boltzmann and Poisson equation through the potential of the mass model. Thus we directly derive observational predictions from an overall description of galactic structure and evolution. Model simulations are produced in the form of catalogues of pseudo-stars, tables of statistical distributions or integrated luminosity in any given photometric band.

The WWW server of Besançon Observatory also provides access to the POLARIS database that we have constructed in collecting all the polarimetric measurements (extracted from the literature including our own observations) and polarization curves for every asteroid for which enough points were available. Currently, a PostScript file is available on the WWW server for each asteroid. A search by name, number, type and diameter will be available in the near future.