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Initialization file

The initialization file is a standard SIC procedure containing only commands from the languages TASK$\backslash$ or SIC$\backslash$. TASK$\backslash$ language must be specified explicitly. The command syntax is always the following
TASK$\backslash$Type_of_parameter "Prompt string" Parameter$[Dimension]


! Combine.INIT
TASK\FILE "First input map" Z_NAME$
TASK\REAL "Scaling factor" Z_FACTOR$
TASK\REAL "Threshold" Z_MIN$
TASK\FILE "Second input map" Y_NAME$
TASK\REAL "Scaling factor" Y_FACTOR$
TASK\REAL "Threshold" Y_MIN$
TASK\FILE "Output map" X_NAME$
TASK\REAL "New blanking value" BLANKING$
TASK\REAL "Output offset" OFFSET$
TASK\GO                     ! Must be last command
The parameter names, types and dimensions must correspond to those declared in the source code. All parameters must be defined. Ordering may be important (see Checker File).

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