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IRAM Memo 2011-3
CLASS User Section

S. Bardeau$^1$, J. Pety$^{1,2}$, S. Guilloteau$^3$

May, 15$^{th}$ 2013
Version 1.1

1. IRAM (Grenoble)


CLASS is a state-of-the-art GILDAS1 software for reduction and analysis of (sub)-millimeter spectroscopic data. Up to now, the CLASS data format could only describe a predetermined number of parameters in the observation headers, these parameters being grouped in 17 sections (e.g. the general, spectroscopic or calibration sections). However, the possibility to add telescope-specific information to the CLASS data format was requested several time. Instead of introducing a per-telescope specific and fixed section, we thus decided to introduce a new flexible section, named User Section. This document describes the functionalities available to the end-users as well as the implementation steps which must be developed by the section owner.


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