Mark AllenAstronomer, Director of the CDS
Heddy ArabAstronomer
Laurence ArbousseAdministration and Project Support
Matthieu BaumannSoftware engineer
Thomas BochSoftware engineer
François BonnarelSoftware engineer
Caroline BotAstronomer
Mihaela BugaEngineer (documentation)
Marianne BroutyEngineer (documentation)
Catherine BrunetEngineer (documentation)
Laurent CambrésyAstronomer
ChaitraSoftware engineer
Esther CollasEngineer (documentation)
Sébastien DerrièreAstronomer
Aline EiseleAssistant-engineer (documentation)
Pierre FerniqueSoftware engineer
Françoise GenovaAstronomer
Céline HalterCDS Secretary
Vincent KaestleSoftware engineer
Gilles LandaisSoftware engineer
Soizick LestevenSoftware engineer
Cécile LoupAstronomer
Katharina LutzPostdoc
Grégory ManteletSoftware engineer
Ada NebotAstronomer
Magali NeuvilleAssistant-engineer (documentation)
Anaïs ObertoSoftware engineer
Pierre OcvirkAstronomer
Emmanuelle PerretEngineer (documentation)
François-Xavier PineauSoftware engineer
Tiphaine PouvreauEngineer (documentation)
André SchaaffSoftware engineer
Arnaud SiebertAstronomer
Evelyne SonAssistant-engineer (documentation)
Yelena SteinPostdoc
Patricia VannierEngineer (documentation)
Bernd VollmerAstronomer
Philippe VonflieTechnician (documentation)
Fabienne WoelfelEngineer (documentation)

They took their retirement:
James MarcoutDocumentation
Marie-José WagnerDocumentation
Suzanne LaloeDocumentation
Suzanne Borde (from GEPI, Observatoire de Paris)Documentation
Pascal DuboisAstronomer
Andrea Preite MartinezProfesseur associé, IASF, Roma
Emmanuel Davoust (Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées)Astronomer
Gratiane Chassagnard (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)Documentation
Marc WengerSoftware engineer
Chantal BruneauCDS secretary
François OchsenbeinAstronomer

An artist's view of the CDS staff at work.

Other key contributors to the CDS, and especially to the SIMBAD project are:

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
The ADS team (U.S. Simbad gateway)

A long-term collaboration with Mireille Louys (iCUBE, Strasbourg) is also gratefully acknowledged.

Contribution to SIMBAD of B. Skiff, W. Osborn and J. MacConnell is also gratefully aknowledged.

CDS Scientific Council (2016-2018)

Photo of the CDS Scientific Council meeting (27-28 Nov 2001)

  • Alessandro Boselli (LAM, Marseille France)
  • Thierry Forveille (IPAG, Grenoble; Editor, Astronomy & Astrophysics)
  • Hashima Hasan (NASA Headquarters)
  • Ajit Kembhavi (Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune)
  • Olivier La Marle (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, Paris)
  • Danny Lennon (European Space Agency/European Space Astronomy Centre)
  • Franck Le Petit (Observatoire de Paris France)
  • Jan Palous (Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, Prague)
  • Deborah Paradis (IRAP, Toulouse France)
  • Michael Sterzik (ESO)
  • Denis Veynante (CNRS, HPC and data mission, Paris France)
  • Patricia Whitelock (South African Astronomical Observatory & University of Cape Town, Cape Town) (CHAIR)