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SimWatch - follow the bibliography of your favorite objects

Posted by Simbad Team on 15 October 2015 10:56 CEST

CDS is releasing SimWatch, a tool allowing you to follow changes on SIMBAD objects.
Register to SimWatch to be notified when new papers are attached to your favourite SIMBAD objects.

TAP Simbad evolved

Posted by CDS admin on 06 October 2015 15:47 CEST

A new version of TAP library (v2) is now used for SQL-like queries in SIMBAD :

Limitation burst queries

Posted by CDS admin on 24 August 2015 16:10 CEST

New limitation on SIMBAD queries : you should not query more than 6 queries per second from the same @IP, otherwise the IP is blacklisted during 1 minute.

Object types reference

Posted by CDS admin on 16 June 2015 14:33 CEST

On top of a SIMBAD object web page, the list of "Other object types"
now contains links ("Ref") to articles giving this object type.

Note that "Other object types" are mostly linked to acronyms. They are chosen according to the original reference of the acronym and usually true for most of the listed objects.


Posted by CDS admin on 01 May 2015 14:58 CEST

Now, you can send the SIMBAD result of a query (list or single object) to an other application like TOPCAT, or Aladin through SAMP protocol thanks to the icon on top right of the web page :

Sort references in Simbad

Posted by Anais Oberto on 12 February 2015 10:24 CET

A new web page in SIMBAD can give a score to help sorting papers in an object depending on multiple conditions (locations where the object is cited, citation count and so on ...)

click on the "sort references" or "score" buttons in the section of bibliographical references on an object.

Please send your feedback by email

photometry viewer

Posted by CDS admin on 13 November 2014 23:01 CET

Directly from a SIMBAD Web page, you can access to a VizieR tool to search for photometry in many catalogs around the SIMBAD object position.

Please sens us an email to give us your feedback : Read more...

interactive image

Posted by CDS admin on 11 June 2014 11:46 CEST

On Simbad web page of one astronomical object, the image preview is now interactive (built with AladinLite librairies).

New server for SIMBAD

Posted by CDS admin on 27 May 2014 15:07 CEST

On Wednesday, 4th June 2014, SIMBAD server will be upgraded at 10:00am GMT Read more...

Simbad can sort references

Posted by CDS admin on 30 September 2013 09:35 CEST

We are pleased to announce you a new feature to sort bibliographical references attached to an object in Simbad web pages.

If you choose to "display" "reference summary", (in section References in a Simbad object) new buttons are now available to sort references depending on where the object is cited (by default references are sorted by Year and Journal as before) :
- At least once in title, keywords, or abstract
- in a table row
- sort by Date (year and journal)
Inside each group, references are sorted by date.


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