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beta version updates

Posted by VizieR Team on 04 April 2011 11:06 CEST

This version contains modifications in the layout, corrections and bug
fixes of the last version

Version is available at

Detailed modifications:

  • inversion of the target and the free text inputs in the main VizieR form
    (following complains about the previous inversion, we therefore inverted the inversion (the last time))
  • a "No sort" option was added in the navigation bar (it's required to get a really unlimited result)
  • he navigation bar is now always displayed in the main VizieR page

Detailed corrections:

  • the management of some errors message are improved
  • catalogs found from a free text input are more similar to what comes out from other applications like Aladin or Topcat
  • catalogs found from external applications (e.g. Aladin, Topcat) are now (almost) identical with the output of the VizieR main form
  • votable output (and Astrores) fixes:

    • duplication of the tag in a result from a list of targets
    • no bottom tag in VOTable-1.1 output (conform with the IVOA specifications)

  • improvement of the "related catalogs" option (in the main form)

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