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Catalogs added between 22-Aug-2009 and 29-Aug-2009

Posted by on 29 August 2009 05:46 CEST

The collection of catalogs was enriched with 23 new and 5 modified catalogs The full collection of catalogs is available from the Astronomer's Bazaar.

The 28 catalogs added or modified are: I/315 (UCAC3) (Zacharias+ 2009); VII/246 (GOODS) (Bundy+, 2005); B/sb9 (SB9) (Pourbaix+ 2004-2009); B/wds (WDS) (Mason+ 2001-2009); J/A+A/491/889 (Deleuil+, 2008); J/A+A/492/257 (Faure+, 2008); J/A+A/495/379 ([BCL2009]) (Bravo-Alfaro+, 2009); J/A+A/495/447 ([HP2009]) (Hernandez-Martinez+, 2009); J/A+A/498/399 (GRB) (Ripa+, 2009); J/A+A/501/687 (do Nascimento+, 2009); J/AJ/130/767 (Rucinski+, 2005); J/AJ/133/2898 (SRC) (Finch+, 2007); J/ApJ/663/218 ([MFA2007]) (Marleau+, 2007); J/ApJ/697/1369 (Bundy+, 2009); J/ApJS/168/1 ([KB2007]) (Kelly+, 2007); J/ApJS/168/213 (Gnat+, 2007); J/ApJS/169/401 (CXOMP) (Kim+, 2007); J/ApJS/176/374 (WARPS) (Horner+, 2008); J/ApJS/176/39 (Quillen+, 2008); J/ApJS/178/302 ([SSY2008]) (Saito+, 2008); J/ApJS/178/339 (CXOMP) (Covey+, 2008); J/ApJS/179/1 (CLANS) (Trouille+, 2008); J/MNRAS/384/1502 ([SES2008]) (Stott+, 2008); J/MNRAS/386/2039 (Bruntt+, 2008); J/MNRAS/386/2311 ([FS90]) (Smith+, 2008); J/MNRAS/387/344 (Munari+, 2008); J/MNRAS/394/21 (Dessart+, 2009); J/PAZh/35/451 (Berdnikov+, 2009);

This selection of new catalogs is readily accessible from the FTP server; the full access via VizieR may take a few days more.

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