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Aladin v9

Posted by CDS admin on 01 March 2016 16:38 CET

The CDS is pleased to announce the version 9 of Aladin Desktop

An overview of the new features is available here

The main evolutions concern the improvements of HiPS (Hierarchical Progressive Survey) and MOC (Multi-Order Coverage map) integration.

  • HiPS improvements:

    • Faster display (no more GC "stop all" effect)
    • Dynamical HiPS tree (highlights available surveys in current view)
    • Cube support
    • Colormap control for colored HiPS
    • HTTPS support
    • Multi-site auto selection
    • Hipsgen improvements: fully multi-threaded, Obscore revamp, MIRROR and RGB actions, ADD mode, index.html, new parameters: tileOrder, maxRatio,shape & polygon, HEALPix FITS map support (any NSIDE, NESTED or RING), live (incremental construction)
      => cf doc Make your HiPS in 10 steps

  • MOC improvements: full MOC adaptative drawing, draw MOC script command
  • Colormap: new controller (HDR icon, localcut button)
  • Fullscreen widgets: Easier fullscreen control
  • Projections: new projections: SCAMP PV, TPV, SINSIP
  • Constellations: constellation area display
  • PDS: improvement of Planetary Data System image support (LSB,PREFIX,SUFFIX...)
  • IVOA support improvements: ObsTAP & SIAv2 result support

Additionnally, the Aladin FAQ has been updated (see additions in brown color)

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