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New VizieR beta version

Posted by VizieR Team on 31 October 2013 10:58 CET

A new beta version is available @

This version includes modifications to the layout, improved descriptions and visualization of photometry measurements from catalogues, and updated VOTable output.

[Modifications in the VizieR engine
- you can now display the position angle by using the option -out.add=_p or by selecting it in the preferences on the Vizier web pages.

- the metadata describing photometric measurements in catalogues has been improved in order to support the extraction and combination of photometry from multiple catalogues in the Vizier photometry viewer.
(see the new VizieR plotter here)
- some minor corrections have been made (correction to the HTML output and search process)

Modifications in VOTAble:
- conform with standard 1.2 for empty data (add null RESOURCE)
- change the hexadecimal output values to use integers rather than strings
- for conesearch: UCD1 is used only to describe positions and the main column (ID_MAIN). The others use UCD1+.
- the '-strict' option displays null integer values by using and integer values (e.g. null=-32768)

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