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Aladin Beta release announcement

Posted by Pierre Fernique on 26 May 2009 11:22 CEST

Aladin beta release is available.

A new Aladin beta release is available. Release number : 5.927

Feel free to install and test it at this address

The beta version incorporates new features in test phase for the next official Aladin version.
The stability of these features is not totally guaranteed.

New features and performance improvements:

  • VOTable 1.2 support including coordinate system frame support
  • Allsky full sky background support
  • frame=nn extension for select script command (ex: select frame=10)
  • get script command name parameter support (ex: get SkyView(pixels=800)...)
  • Undergraduate mode improvements (+%Aladin.profile GLU filter)
  • SAMP support
  • Catalogue plane transparency
  • All coordinate frames supported as inputs
  • Jpeg FITS tags support (reading+writing mode)
  • Jpeg AVM tags support (reading mode)
  • Histogram browser for measurement exploration
  • Rotation center movable for FoV
  • Arithmetic operation improvements
  • "Undo" position list
  • Photometry measurement support (by circles or polygons)
  • Simbad fast access (faster and larger : large cone search in a few seconds)
  • 2 color RGB improvements
  • Multilanguage support improvement (Persian, Italian, German, auto-updating)
  • Full screen support and preview window support
  • Grabbing/zooming outside the image
  • Fits RICE compression supported
  • Support for FOV IVOA note
Major fixed bugs:
  • Stretch color map function bug fixed
  • Power function ('^') in filters and new column creation - bug fixed
  • Vizier Catalog meta-index bug (degrees not supported)
  • Huge image bug (width parity bug)
  • "char" unit for VOTable output on RA and DEC fields (unit=""h:m:s"" parsing error)
  • xx = get FOV(xxxx) bug fixed
  • ![CDATA[ XML tag bug fixed
  • Drag&drop on Linux and from IExplorer now correctly supported
  • get local(url_with_=) error fixed
  • No stack checkbox activation bug fixed
  • VizieR catalog list does no longer hide the first line
  • -chart & -nogui parameters again supported
  • Metadata tree memory problem by-passed
  • xmatch with "no match" parameter works fine again

Do not hesitate to send us any comment, bug report, etc...

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