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new VizieR version

Posted by VizieR Team on 15 May 2009 16:04 CEST

beta version available at

- you can now join tables (refer to documentation)

- you can type in a list in each field (see the new operator <<; at help pages)

- you can use a TSV-formatted file as an input list also votable output
(was previoously limited to ascii or html output)

- IAU-style coordinates are acceptable in a Query by Position, e.g.
J122345.6-784502 or G123.45-01.23; the leading letter may b
omitted when the coordinate frame is otherwise specified
(as in the "Catalogue Selection Page" form)

- Ecliptic positions were added in the query form

- Several bugs were fixed -- thanks to those who forwarded the problems !
(including some bugs for 64bits server)

Note: Thanks to report problems to the VizieR Teams
(The likely date of installation on operationals servers is the middle of June)

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