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Aladin 7

Posted by Pierre Fernique on 17 December 2010 12:11 CET

The Aladin team is pleased to announce Aladin 7 official release:

=> A quick overview:
=> Screen dump gallery:
=> Flash demo:

It integrates the following new features:

- All sky mode: Zoom and pan through surveys, catalogs, Healpix maps
- HEALPix: Support for HEALPix FITs maps, multifield, polarisation...
- GPL: Distributed under GPL V3 licence (sources available)
- Bookmarks: Store and reuse your usual jobs
- Crop: Crop tool for images or Healpix maps
- Phot: Phot tool for local source extraction
- Tag: Label tag tool for annotating views
- Scatter plots: For easy catalog analysis
- Tables: Splitting, merging, metadata edition...
- FITS integer 64 bits: Support for 64 bits integer FITS images...
- VOTable 1.2: Support for VOTable 1.2 including coordinate system frame support
- Calibrated PNG: AVM and FITS keywords support in PNG images for reading and writing astrometrically calibrated color images
- Colormap: Simultaneous adjustement of several images
- Console: New console managing history
- Script: Auto-synchronization, angular parameter for zoom (zoom 10arcmin), overlay control (setconf overlay=NE,label...), convolution kernel (kernel=gauss(fwhm=10arcmin))

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