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New VizieR version 6.4

Posted by VizieR Team on 30 July 2008 15:45 CEST

Popularity of catalogues and some others functions were added:

- The VizieR results in HTML format are now printed as sortable tables, with a style which should bring better readability.

- Each catalogue has a VizieR-specific 'popularity' represented as a progress bar in the VizieR pages. This 'popularity' is computed from the relative frequency of queries addressed to a specific catalog, on a log scale. A click on this progress bar displays an histogram of queries over the last 2.5 years.

- New design in "Catalogue Selection Page".

- The 'VizieR search engine' that you may plug in your browser can execute a search by cone -- just by typing a selection of catalogs, and a position preceded by 'c=', e.g. 2MASS,USNO-B c=HD226868 .

- Several bugs were fixed -- thanks to those who forwarded the problems !

- Some defaults were changed:
-- the target radius is now 2arcmin by default.
-- all columns are displayed in the "Catalogue Selection Page", (previsouly only the columns of the 'main column set' were shown in this page).
-- the Unified Column Descriptors (UCDs) which give a classification of the column contents are shown by default.

Don't hesitate to communicate the problems (and wishes) to VizieR Team

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