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Catalogs added between 24-Apr-2010 and 01-May-2010

Posted by on 01 May 2010 05:25 CEST

The collection of catalogs was enriched with 19 new and 3 modified catalogs. The full collection of catalogs is available from the Astronomer's Bazaar.

The 22 catalogs added or modified are: II/297 (AKARI) (ISAS/JAXA, 2010); II/298 (AKARI) (ISAS/JAXA, 2010); B/ocl (OCl) (Dias+ 2002-2010); B/wds (WDS) (Mason+ 2001-2010); J/A+A/508/355 (Bertelli+, 2009); J/A+A/513/A52 (Schuberth+, 2010); J/A+A/513/A53 (Ladjal+, 2010); J/A+A/513/A55 (Cassidy+, 2010); J/A+A/513/A61 (Panov+, 2010); J/A+A/513/A69 (Hebrard+, 2010); J/ApJ/671/1227 (LALA) (Dawson+, 2007); J/ApJ/671/1355 (VIPS) (Taylor+, 2007); J/ApJ/671/1503 [MET2005](Moran+, 2007); J/ApJ/671/1624 [DBM2007](Degraaff+, 2007); J/ApJS/184/271 (Chiboucas+, 2009); J/MNRAS/390/466 (Epinat+, 2008); J/MNRAS/399/1709 (Matsunaga+, 2009); J/MNRAS/402/620 (Rebassa-Mansergas+, 2010); J/PASP/121/1180 (Mellinger+, 2009); J/PASP/121/1366 (Lee+, 2009); J/PASP/121/1378 (Samus+, 2009); J/PAZh/36/16 (Glushkova+, 2010);

This selection of new catalogs is readily accessible from the FTP server; the full access via VizieR may take a few days more.

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