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Catalogs added between 07-Apr-2018 and 14-Apr-2018 :: 14 April 2018 05:49 CEST :: posted by

The collection of catalogs was enriched with 29 new catalogs. The full collection of catalogs is available from the Astronomer's Bazaar.

The 29 catalogs added or modified are: I/346 (FONAC) (Yuldoshev+, 2017); B/astorb (astorb) (Bowell+ 2014); B/eso (logESO) (ESO, 1991-2018); B/vsx (VSX) (Watson+, 2006-2014); B/wds (WDS) (Mason+ 2001-2014); J/A+A/543/A54 (Appourchaux+, 2012); J/A+A/611/A94 (Martinez Aviles+, 2018); J/A+A/611/A95 (Weilbacher+, 2018); J/A+A/611/A97 (Pasquet-Itam+, 2018); J/A+A/612/A1 (HESS+, 2018); J/A+A/612/A19 (Balmaverde+, 2018); J/A+A/612/A26 (Adams+, 2018); J/A+A/612/A5 (HESS+, 2018); J/A+A/612/A6 (HESS+, 2018); J/A+A/612/A7 (HESS+, 2018); J/AJ/151/110 (Klagyivik+, 2016); J/AJ/151/120 (Westhues+, 2016); J/AJ/154/256 (Cook+, 2017); J/AJ/155/181 (Boeche+, 2018); J/ApJ/819/44 (1FIG) (Ajello+, 2016); J/ApJ/844/138 (Kounkel+, 2017); J/ApJ/844/139 (Schatz+, 2017); J/ApJ/844/157 (Lee+, 2017); J/ApJ/844/164 (Bellini+, 2017); J/ApJ/844/171 (Yang+, 2017); J/MNRAS/462/2695 (Ilkiewicz+, 2016); J/MNRAS/476/2117 (Reis+, 2018); J/MNRAS/476/3160 (Costado+ 2018);

This selection of new catalogs is readily accessible from the FTP server; the full access via VizieR may take a few days more.

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