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Pan-STARRS data available at CDS :: 21 December 2017 15:53 CET :: posted by Thomas Boch

Some Pan-STARRS data have recently been released in CDS services:

  • The Pan-STARRS1 DR1 catalogue is available from VizieR. It can also be queried through our TAP interface from this page or from any TAP client like TOPCAT for instance.
    The catalogue is also available in our cross-match service for fast spatial cross-identifications with VizieR tables or user-uploaded tables.

  • The HiPS built from the ~200k Pan-STARRS1 g-filter images. This HiPS covers 3/4 of the sky and offer both previews (JPEG) and full dynamic (FITS) tiles. It is the largest HiPS ever produced: the total volume is 30TB and represents 10 trillion pixels.
    It can be browsed seamlessly from Aladin Lite, Aladin Desktop and any other HiPS-compatible client.

You can explore and visualise Pan-STARRS in your browser from this custom Aladin Lite interactive map.

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