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HiPS recently added :: 07 April 2017 16:37 CEST :: posted by CDS admin

We are are pleased to announce the recent release of these following HiPS generated by the CDS team and available in Aladin and other HiPS aware tools:


    * DECaLS R3 color - provenance DECam Legacy Survey
    * ATLASGAL 850 um - provenance ESO (APEX)
    * LabocaPlanck - provenance ESO (APEX)
    * 2MASS6X color - from HiPS J & K
    * LIGO-2MASS map - provenance UBC-Astrophysics
    * MAMA posse - provenance Paris Data Centre
    * MAMA srcj - provenance Paris Data Centre


    * MaNGA - provenance Sloan Digital Sky Survey


    * Gaia tgas - provenance CDS
    * Tycho-2 - provenance CDS
    * VPHAS+ DR2 - provenance CDS
    * VIKING 2 - provenance CDS

All these these HiPS are provided with their associated coverage (MOC) and some direct links to their original images/cubes

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