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Thematic meetings

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Multispectral images

(Organised with funds of MDA project (ACI Masses de Données))

Tuesday 15 March 2005, Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg, Grande Coupole


Morning session, F. Murtagh

9:30 Spectra cube visualization inside GILDAS

J. Pety - IRAM, Grenoble - (pdf)

10:15 Coffee

10:30 Parametric estimation methods of multivariate data for multi-component image segmentation

S. Derrode - Institut Fresnel, Marseille - (pdf)

11:15 Texture analysis in the hyperspectral space using stochastic methods

X. Descombes - INRIA Sophia Antipolis - (pdf)

12:00 Lunch

Afternoon session, A. Bijaoui

14:00 Multispectral imaging : classification and source separation

A. Bijaoui - Observatoire de Nice - (pdf)

14:45 VisIVO: a VO oriented tool for Analysis and Visualization of Astrophysical data

C. Gheller - CINECA Bologna, M. Comparato - INAF Catania - (pdf)

15:30 Coffee

15:45 3D surface reconstruction from multiple images

A. Jalobeanu - LSIIT, Strasbourg - (pdf)

16:30 Discussions and conclusion


Organisation : A. Schaaff, C. Bruneau

Programme : A. Schaaff, Ch. Collet

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