Package cds.xml

CDS management of XML output generation.


Class Summary
Attrib Defines an XML attribute as a structure containing a name and a value
Tagdef Basic methods for xml generation
VOTable VOTable class is an extension of XmlGen class.
VotablePosition An object in this class defines a position in a Votable specified by a RESOURCE name, a TABLE name, a row and a particular field
VotField This class deals with the common part of the definition of the FIELD and PARAM tags.
VotMeasurementField Describes a field from a measurement type.
VotParam PARAM element definition
VotStandardField VotField element definition for standard data (fundamental data, including identifiers and measurements)
XmlGen XmlGen : XML generation class This class has basic methods to generate XML formatted data.

Package cds.xml Description

CDS management of XML output generation.

XML output of Simbad is done in the following way:

An external file contains the description of every possible field. Some of the fields are independant and deserve their own entry in the file. The measurement fields are grouped by catalogue and are accessed through an array, for global management. The file is read and analyzed by a VotFieldDefinition object, which construct internal tables for accessing the fields. It has also methods to access individual fields and measurement table description objects. Every field is one object from the following hierarchy: VotField, VotStandardField and VotMeasurementField. The VotMeasurementField contains also parameters locating the field in the full measurement record. Writing the XML output to a file is done through a VOTable object using underneath a XmlGen object. The output itself is done in the method toXML() from the Astrobject class.