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Packages that use XmlGen
cds.xml CDS management of XML output generation.  

Uses of XmlGen in cds.xml

Subclasses of XmlGen in cds.xml
 class VOTable
          VOTable class is an extension of XmlGen class.

Methods in cds.xml that return XmlGen
 XmlGen XmlGen.doctype(java.lang.String maintag, java.lang.String dtd)
          Generates the DOCTYPE tag.
 XmlGen XmlGen.openTag(java.lang.String name)
          Opens a new tag.
 XmlGen XmlGen.addAttr(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String value)
          Adds an attribute to the previously defined tag.
 XmlGen XmlGen.addID(java.lang.String id)
          Adds an ID as attribute to the previously defined tag.
 XmlGen XmlGen.addAttr(Attrib[] attlist)
          Adds a list of attributes to the previously defined tag.
 XmlGen XmlGen.addText(java.lang.String t)
          Adds text to the XML file This will add the closing character ('>') if a tag was stillopened to receive Attributes.
 XmlGen XmlGen.addText(java.lang.String t, boolean conv)
          Adds text to the XML file
 XmlGen XmlGen.closeTag(java.lang.String n)
          Closes the opened tags with their endtag mark () until finding a tag with the same name as the one specified If several tags with the name name are opened, the process will stop after having encountered the first one.
 XmlGen XmlGen.closeTag()
          Closes the current tag , without having to name it
 XmlGen XmlGen.closeAllTags()
          Closes all remaining opened tags As an XML file must be embedded in one main tag, and as this method closes ALL tags, including the main one, this method can be called only once during an XML file creation, and at its end !
 XmlGen XmlGen.flush()
          Empties the current XML buffer.