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Packages that use VotTable
cds.simbad Contains all classes dealing with the SIMBAD database and its data.  
cds.xml CDS management of XML output generation.  

Uses of VotTable in cds.simbad

Fields in cds.simbad declared as VotTable
(package private)  VotTable Measurement.mtable
private  VotTable MeasurementDescription.measTable

Methods in cds.simbad that return VotTable
 VotTable MeasurementDescription.getMeasTable()
          Gets the measurement table description
static VotTable MeasurementDescription.getMeasTable(java.lang.String acronym)
          Gets the measurement table description corresponding to a catalogue

Methods in cds.simbad with parameters of type VotTable
 void Measurement.setVotTable(VotTable votTable)
          Sets the votTable for this measurement type.

Uses of VotTable in cds.xml

Methods in cds.xml that return VotTable
 VotTable VotTable.set(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String description)
          Initialisation of most of the parameters defining a table Any argument can be set to null if no value is available
 VotTable VotTable.setId(java.lang.String id)
 VotTable VotTable.setRef(java.lang.String ref)
 VotTable VotTable.setName(java.lang.String name)
 VotTable VotTable.setDescription(java.lang.String description)
 VotTable VotTable.addField(VotField fld)
 VotTable VotTable.addField(int pos, VotField fld)