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Packages that use VotStandardField
cds.simbad Contains all classes dealing with the SIMBAD database and its data.  
cds.xml CDS management of XML output generation.  

Uses of VotStandardField in cds.simbad

Fields in cds.simbad declared as VotStandardField
private  VotStandardField DataDescription.fld

Methods in cds.simbad that return VotStandardField
 VotStandardField DataDescription.getField()
          Gets the VotField object
static VotStandardField DataDescription.getField(java.lang.String name)
          Gets a Votable Standard Field by its name

Uses of VotStandardField in cds.xml

Subclasses of VotStandardField in cds.xml
 class VotMeasurementField
          Describes a field from a measurement type.

Methods in cds.xml that return VotStandardField
 VotStandardField VotStandardField.setType(java.lang.String type)
          Sets the type attribute