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Packages that use VotField
cds.xml CDS management of XML output generation.  

Uses of VotField in cds.xml

Subclasses of VotField in cds.xml
 class VotMeasurementField
          Describes a field from a measurement type.
 class VotParam
          PARAM element definition
 class VotStandardField
          VotField element definition for standard data (fundamental data, including identifiers and measurements)

Methods in cds.xml that return VotField
 VotField VotField.set(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String ucd, java.lang.String datatype, java.lang.String unit, java.lang.String prec, java.lang.String width, java.lang.String arraysize)
          Initialisation of most of the parameters characterizing the field/param Any field can be set to null if no value is available
 VotField VotField.setId(java.lang.String id)
 VotField VotField.setRef(java.lang.String ref)
 VotField VotField.setName(java.lang.String name)
 VotField VotField.setDatatype(java.lang.String datatype)
 VotField VotField.setUcd(java.lang.String ucd)
 VotField VotField.setUnit(java.lang.String unit)
 VotField VotField.setPrecision(java.lang.String prec)
 VotField VotField.setWidth(java.lang.String width)
 VotField VotField.setArraysize(java.lang.String arrsize)
 VotField VotField.setDescription(java.lang.String txt)
 VotField VotField.setLink(java.lang.String txt)

Methods in cds.xml with parameters of type VotField
 VOTable VOTable.addField(VotField fld)
          Adds a field tag.
 VotTable VotTable.addField(VotField fld)
 VotTable VotTable.addField(int pos, VotField fld)